Hello there! I’m Xamag and this is a blog dedicated to my unfortunately discontinued webcomic The Black Brick Road of OZ, that’s (very) loosely based on the first two Oz books by L.Frank Baum.

There’re still people who enjoyed the comic and wonder how the story intended to continue and why I stopped drawing it. And it’s not like I hate everything about BBR, I’m still very much attached to it and would like to do it justice. So I’ve sat on this issue for a quite while, and now I’m more or less ready to talk about it.

This blog is here to retell the original concepts of the comic and point out its problems, thus serve as a lesson to myself and other folks who think about making their own comics. I’m here to guide you through this mess, tell you my own experience and share some thoughts and tips on comicmaking in general, in no particular order. Although please remember that I’m not a professional writer/comic artist and I’m still figuring stuff out myself, not to mention that my English isn’t always stellar.

Feel free to look around because I’m not your mom, but here’s the recommended order of reading:

  • The comic is currently down, but you can download the contents here;
  • Read the short plot synopsis and check the profiles if it gets too confusing;
  • Read the posts elaborating on some of the subplots;
  • Read my ramblings concerning the problems and some art tips.

Have fun~