Make up your mind

If you don’t know yet, I’m prone to having quick moodswings. One moment I’m feeling moody, the next it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, that affects my art, as well.

More often that not I can’t pick a mood for the story and roll with it. Do I want it to be funny? serious? disturbing? heartwarming? hopeful? depressing? I want all of those! Right now I feel like writing edgy stuff, tomorrow I’m gonna be in a funky mood and rewrite the edgy dialog because it’s way too emo.

This leads to a bizarre mess, not just regarding the mood transitions, but the tone of the whole stories in general. I still kinda like the early creepy disturbing BBR, but I also like the late more cutesy and heartwarming BBR, but I also like dark comedy, but I also wanna insert some good morals, but I also… god DAMN, just pick one direction and roll with it!

Just a few examples. Look at Bastille’s early design. It made sense in the context, because everything was this colorful, weird and twisted. Now look at that dress in the new context. The minimalistic, down-to-earth nuBastille looks ridiculous in it.

I kinda tried to work around it, waving it off as “it’s just for show when she posed as a cartoonish villain to conquer the country”, but yeahh

I think Ferret and Pepper suffered the most from it. Actually, the very name of Ferret Lie is goddamn stupid in the new setting, and that goes for many things like that.

Early witches were completely devoid of humanity, so Pepper abusing andor eating people and Ferret making unfair manipulative deals with a wide smile worked fine. But then I started giving them more and more personality, and even wanted to feel bad for them. But it’s hard to buy the sad backstory trope when Pepper killing and nearly molesting people is presented in the semi-comedic light. I mean, it’s either a dark comedy or a serious and dramatic character study.

The same goes for Ferret. Who the hell is Ferret at this point, what is her personality? Does she enjoy being an asshole to people? Is she an actual asshole or is she just misunderstood? Does she just do that for the sake of money and power? Are money and power more important to her than human lives? Does she value human lives at all? Has she ever truly loved anyone? Is she capable of having genuine heartwarming moments? Does she like Bastille? Is she afraid of her? Is she jealous of her? Is she making fun of her? I went through so many changes regarding Ferret, I got lost in those questions. She’s just whatever is convenient for the plot.

I think I needed to stop somewhere in the middle. Keep the O.Z. a little bit of a surreal and nonsensical place, but not a complete freakfest. Keep Pepper and Ferret as villains, but clearly show they’re such and cannot be excused. Give them some human moments, but not sweep their deeds under the rug.

I’m a little more stable when it comes to this now. At least I have some sort of reminder that I can look at and go “oh yeah, that’s what it’s supposed to be, I’m getting off track here”. But it’s still something that isn’t gonna go away any time soon.


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