Lineless art

Anonymous asked:

Sorry for the disorder, but I wanted to ask if you could do a tutorial on lineless art! By the way, nice art!!!

Thanks! Lineless art it is, then.

I start with the sketch, obviously. Since you won’t have the lineart to guide you later, a clean and detailed sketch is pretty important.


Then I make it transparent enough so that I could focus on the shapes, but was also able to tell the details of the sketch, and pick some background color.


Then I slap on the colors I wanna use. The accuracy of these splotches of color depends on my mood and patience and the amount of details in the drawing (lol), so it’s fairly arbitrary I guess.

The more accurate it is, the less it takes to clean it up later, but the opposite sometimes adds life to the drawing and welcomes the experiments with the colors and shapes.

If there’s something that needs extra accuracy (like the earring here) or I just don’t feel like cleaning it up again later, I use several layers or add the details later. But I love using one single layer whenever possible.


Aaand then I just start erasing / adding stuff to make it all nice and crispy!

There isn’t really a certain point when I start doing it. Like, here I added those light hair streaks before defining the shape of her head, so that I could erase the messy parts altogether, but I could also clean up the head first, then lock the layer and add the streaks.


When I decide that it’s comprehensible enough for me to work without the sketch, I hide its layer. You could continue working with it, of course, but I find it distracting. It’s nice to take a fresh look and figure out what it’s gonna look like in the end.


Details time! I enjoy adding lines here a lot, it’s really not the same as creating the lineart beforehand. there’s something comfy and lively about this process, because you compliment the shapes, silhouettes and color rather than just redrawing the empty carcass of a sketch. Besides, it adds more definition and movement to the shapes.


Hope that helps!


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