How to get others to notice your OCs

Anonymous asked:

Hey Xamag, I’m a long-time fan of yours! I really love all your fanart and OC and am looking forward to your new comic a lot. I actually had a question – you’ve been posting your art online for quite a few years now and have gained a big following. I was wondering how you managed to get your OC art noticed, as the only luck I’ve ever had with getting any traction on my art was with fanart. Were there any deviantart groups you submitted your OC to? Any other things you did?

Thanks! To be fair, my OC art still gains much less attention compared to the fandom stuff, but that’s expected. I mostly reblog fandom art myself, so.

I think there’re two ways your OCs could be noticed: they could either be instantly eye-catching (as in, cool designs / artstyle) or interesting writing-wise.

The latter is harder to achieve, as in it takes more time to get hooked. But really, it all boils down to just feeling familiar with characters.

We reblog fandom stuff because we already know and love those characters. Stumbling across a fanart of your fandom is like spotting a friend in a crowd of strangers.

OCs may mean a world to you, but other people have no clue who these guys are and why anyone should care about them. It gets much better once you start a webcomic or the like, because it finally gives people the context.

So basically, writing (relatively short, nobody likes walls of text) descriptions of your character, drawing their interactions, short amusing comics maybe – all of this helps to introduce your beloved children to others. Just put yourself in the place of a person who knows nothing about them – what would it take to make you interested in this character?


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