Motley Horde

Motley Horde is a reformatory located in the Violet Country next to the Wicked Thicket. It is surrounded by sharp rocks and the aforementioned thicket that’s feared by locals for being Deaths‘ favourite vacation spot. The only road to the Amethyst City is heavily guarded.

Motley Horde is administrated by Iustas McDowell and guarded by major Marwed. His wife, Deirbhile McDowell, looks after the Tower – a group of kids that require special attention for one reason or another.

Important Tower kids:

  • Witches: Bastille, Pepper, Ferret, Ichor. They grew up in the Tower;
  • Cedric Snowbank – son of the local sponsor, placed in the Tower by his father’s request for being an absolute dunce;
  • Jinjur Hoyden – major’s granddaughter who’s simultaneously a guard and an inmate for her rebellious nature;
  • Ruggedo – one of the last surviving Nomes, thus dangerous by default;
  • Sharky – a weird kid raised by sharks. Speaks an unknown language and can be very destructive;
  • the Flux twins – former acrobats from the Notta Bit Moore’s circus, surprising sociopaths;
  • Oscar Diggs – just a random nobody that managed to persuade Mrs. McDowell that he belongs in the Tower in order to get closer to the Witches.


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