Bastille’s injury

Apocalyptica – Ruska

– One day Ichor, unable to properly control her powers, accidentally pushes Bastille off a cliff, breaking her spine.

– She’s so terrified of what she’s done that she just runs away and doesn’t tell anyone about what happened. Bastille’s body is found later by major Marwed. Bastille finally sees Ichor’s character pattern and starts to utterly despise her habit of hiding from her mistakes and dooming others, as it’s the opposite of what Bastille stands for.

– Ruggedo supports Bastille and even considers building some machine to help her walk.

– Pepper, in a truly unusual display of selflessness, uses her Death wish to heal Bastille. The Deaths fix her spine, although Bastille’s body becomes even more fragile.

– Ichor understands Bastille’s hatred, but can’t bring herself to hate her back. She lives with the faint hope of making up with her one day, while not doing anything about it.


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