Ichor’s death

– Ichor decides it’s time. She sends Zee’s letters back to Zee, unaware that he’s dead at that point.

– She asks the Deaths to grant her a new life, craving for a new home where she’d be happy.

– Her last question is about Bastille’s hourglass that haunted Ferret for so long. Rayne admits it measures Bastille’s own life, and that she will die shortly after Pepper. Concerned Ichor secretly leaves that phrase on one of her Winkies, hoping that Bastille will discover it later.

– Ichor’s body dies in what looks like a suicide. Jellikins mysteriously disappears with her.

Hatsune Miku – Last Night Good Night

– Upon arriving to Ichor’s place, Bastille finds a message on her Winkie that says “when the house falls, Bastille dies”. She doesn’t know how to interpret it as other than some vague threat, and is left with an unsettling feeling that she tries to forget. She doesn’t tell anyone about the message.

– Ichor’s death really affects Ferret, even though she tries to suppress negative emotions as hard as possible. Ferret can’t help blaming herself for being oblivious to Ichor’s depression.


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