Ichor’s depression

– Sulking Ichor gradually gives up on ruling the country and stops appearing in public. Now she’s considered to be one of the most useless and inept rules by her own people. Other Witches make active changes, for better or worse, and the Blue Country just slowly and quietly drowns in cobwebs.

– Ichor keeps dreaming about IZ and even invents a persona called Dorothy Gale that’s from there and has lots of friends and goes through wonderful adventures. She has a loving family inspired by Norbert and Sybil and a cat that looks like her plush. Ichor builds a house for her Dolly and writes a diary in-character.

– Jellikins grows more and more annoyed with Ichor’s life decisions, especially her obssession with IZ that overshadowed reality. He’s aware that Ichor created an entire imaginary persona and would rather live her life. He feels bad because even he can’t do anything to change her defeatist attitude at this point. He just wants her to be happy, but she keeps shooting herself in the leg.

– Ichor keeps making origami stars. She decides that once she fills an entire jar with them, she will finally make her Death wish.

Lights – Pretend (Reprise)

– Ferret sees that Ichor doesn’t do much with Jellikins, and borrows him to spy on Bastille. Bastille is reasonable enough to not trust him, though.


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