Jinjur’s new start

– In jail, Jinjur awaits her sentence with boiling hatred for Ferret. She has to admit that, perhaps, not ALL women are supposed to be excused for everything they do.

– She finds out that Sharky serves at the same jail and sees that he’s treated rather poorly. She offers him to run away together, and Sharky doesn’t mind. He easily frees Jinjur and her gal pals, and they join the robbers. Jinjur promises to reevaluate her beliefs and start anew.

– Jinjur quickly earns robbers’ respect and is declared the new leader after he retires. Sharky becomes her trusty partner. Jinjur’s new resolution is that she still will fight for her beliefs, but won’t look down on anyone either. She embraces her love for some feminine things and seems much more content with her life.

P!nk – Raise Your Glass

– Bastille goes easy on the robbers in her forest, mostly because of Jinjur and Sharky’s arrival there. She doesn’t like how Ferret treated Jinjur, but doesn’t fight others’ battles either, so that’s the most she’s willing do for her.


– In total, Leslie spends around four years with the major. He’s severely disappointed with Jinjur slipping down the slope and constantly talks about it and warns Leslie about her mother’s wrongdoings. He promises her she will grow into a real lady. Leslie doesn’t understand much of his ramblings, but finds the major a little scary.

– Jinjur visits Faramant and explains that she’s realized the error of her ways and wants to start a new life. She sounds genuine, so they make up.

– She decides to take Leslie back, as well. Major, naturally, has no reason to trust her volatile nature and threatens to return her to jail. Faramant tries to argue that she’s changed, but that’s hardly believable. When they insist and almost take Leslie by force, major disowns both of them, calling Faramant a suck-up and reminding him he couldn’t even protect a gate.

– Jinjur still walks away with Leslie and tries to be a good parent. Leslie admires Jinjur too much to hold any grudge on her. She’s taken to the robbers and thinks her new stepfather is pretty cool.

– Jinjur has two more kids with Sharky. The major decides to live the rest of his days with the Motley Horde and his herbarium collection.

– Leslie starts out fearless and curious, and is said to be a fine future replacement for Jinjur, something she’s really proud of.

– The Winged Apes, being the robbers’ neighbors, become Jinjur’s friends and often play with Leslie.

– Sharky meets his brothers again when they’re transporting Snowbank’s goods and are attacked by the robbers. Sharky, apparently still feeling sentimental towards them for some reason, lets them go.

– Feeling nostalgic, he decides to visit his home and tries to swim over the Milky Way. He encounters some shark poachers and in a fit of rage crashes their boat. Sharky gets mortally wounded and dies before he can return to Jinjur.

– Jinjur and Faramant visit the major one last time, when he’s on the death bed. Jinjur and major admit they can’t forgive some things they’ve done to each other, but they understand it didn’t come from malicious intentions. At least major is happy to see that they’re doing well.


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