Leslie’s death

– One day Leslie goes to visit Faramant with Alvin and Amberlynn, but accidentally breaks one of Bastille’s laws and gets caught and killed by her patrol.

– Ferret offers Jinjur to bring her back to life, in exchange for the Apes’ freedom. The Apes agree, and even though Jinjur feels terrible for selling them out, to her arch-nemesis no less, she can’t turn Ferret down. She never tells Leslie what happened to her friends.

– To carry the Apes around, Ferret confines them into the Golden Top Hat, Bastille’s invention that uses space-warping powers similar to Pepper’s forehead hammerspace. Ferret uses another hat like that to teleport objects with her. From that point on, the Apes serve in Bastille’s castle.

– Bastille also feels somewhat guilty about the incident, and accepts Ferret’s offer. Even though the Apes technically become her slaves, she doesn’t mistreat them.

– Nick also finds out that his friends have been sold to slavery. That doesn’t add sympathy points to Ferret and Jinjur.

– Leslie is pieced together by Bastille, using some animal body parts instead of her missing limbs.

Quadling’s vision of the events

– Unfortunately, she comes back with a shift in personality, being paranoid of every shadow. Jinjur decides she needs to be left alone and doesn’t pressure her to participate much in the robbers’ activities anymore. Deep inside, she might be just the tiniest bit disappointed. Leslie knows that mom doesn’t hold it against her, but can’t help feeling as if she’s being overshadowed by her family, even the younger siblings.


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