The Marweds and Hoydens

– Jinjur and Faramant’s parents are never around, so major basically raises them himself, the only way he knows how. Ideally, Faramant is supposed to turn into a brave soldier, and Jinjur become a well-mannered lovely housewife. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though.

– Ever since she was a kid, Jinjur was super annoyed that she’s forced to act “like a lady” while her inept sissy brother gets all the interesting stuff. She’s very conflicted about gender roles, as she genuinely likes some “feminine” things, but doesn’t want it to look like she’s conforming. As a result, she starts rejecting everything feminine, period, just to spite her old-fashioned grandfather.

The Living End – Prisoner of Society

– Faramant used to be bullied by Jinjur and some other kids for being a crybaby. Growing up, he was constantly reminded about just how pathetic he was, but never saw much point in trying to act as manly as possible.

– The major takes him to a military school, that Faramant begrudgingly goes through, even though he would gladly switch places with Jinjur.

– Eventually Jinjur throws a temper tantrum and demands to be a royal guard like Faramant. Major reluctantly gives in and sends her to the Motley Horde to work on her discipline and train her for some military work. She’s both as an inmate and the guard of the Tower kids.

– Major genuinely wants to be a good mentor and at least turn her into a noble soldier like himself, but she finds him infuriatingly annoying and doesn’t seem to grasp that being a soldier means following orders.

– In the Motley Horde Jinjur meets the Witches and some female friends that later join her army.

– Jinjur and Faramant almost stop seeing each other, but Faramant is concerned about her growing destructive behavior. Thanks to Faramant’s obedience and non-conflicting nature, he gets the cushy job of the guardian of the royal gates, and enjoys it just fine. He even gets to chat with the princess.


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