Nick’s backstory

– Nick is a single child, whose parents were never really attached to him and sent him away to work on his own as soon as possible. He’s always envied big, loud, loving families, and wanted to create one himself. His initial approach is crude and simple: he finds an attractive village girl and immediately proposes to her. She quickly agrees, but just as quickly changes her mind and runs off with someone else.

– The son of a candy magnate suddenly decides to move to a cottage next to Nick, and brings a book nerd and a living scarecrow with him. Nick is kinda weirded out by his new unusual company. Cedric calls him “a harmless grump”.

– Nick and Zee have a few conversations. He doesn’t understand how Zee’s theoretical studies like astrology can be useful in real life, and Zee can’t imagine mindlessly chopping wood the entire life. They find each other stupid but peculiar.

– Zee introduces his friends to Nick, including Ichor and the twins. Nick likes Lindy, and Zee wholeheartedly hops the shipping bandwagon. Zee attempts to make a civilized gentleman out of Nick, teaching him the proper manner and the like. The twins plan to make him move to the capital with them. However, Nick is creeped out by their manners and too much pressure and bails out.

– Zee and Ichor become close friends and start dating.

– Cedric lives in his cottage for a while, but quickly wastes all his money and is forced to seek shelter from the robbers. He’s barely accepted by Jinjur, who’s never liked him, but feels a little bad for the self-destructive idiot. Unfortunately, neither Zee is too eager to join his parents’ murderer, nor Jinjur is excited to have Ferret’s suck-up around, so Zee and Jackie are forced to seek another shelter.

– Nick lets Zee and Jackie in, on the condition that they’ll be helping him. Turns out Zee can’t do any house work, so their first Christmas together is pretty strained because Nick finds house decorating pointless and Zee doesn’t like the plebeian food.

– Eventually they learn how to get along and make each other see value in the things they do, although Nick still refuses to learn how to read or write. They even reveal each other’s secret: Zee tells about his gender change, and Nick admits he doesn’t feel sexual attraction.

– Jackie expresses mutual interest in Nick, and they start dating. Zee supports the idea, as usual. Nick finds it very comforting that she’s someone who wouldn’t demand a sexual relationship from him or find his repulsion weird. They’re considering marrying, and he’s thinking about adopting a kid in the future. It’s as if his dream is coming true.

– After a while, Jackie suddenly falls ill. She starts forgetting things, can’t orient herself, “falls asleep”. Turns out her scarecrow body without Pepper’s potion begins to rot with her life stone.

– Zee begs Ichor to contact the Wicked Witches and ask for help, but Ichor is too scared of Bastille’s disdain to do anything. She feels terrible, but continues avoiding the problem.

– Nick asks Alvin and even learns how to read to find a possible solution, but nothing helps and Jackie dies, gradually forgetting everyone. This hits Nick hard.

Ryan Star – Losing Your Memory

– Nick openly hates Ichor’s harmful hesitation, Zee tries to go easier on her, but also can’t bring himself to continue their relationship.

– Zee and Nick support each other, especially when Nick starts showing suicidal signs. Cedric and Winged Apes also help them out. Nick realizes he doesn’t even need a wife to have a caring family.

Ours – Mercy


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