Oscar’s return

– Oscar suddenly comes back from the IZ, safe and sound. He starts working as a librarian and keeps quiet about everything.

– Ferret demands to know what he’s seen, but he doesn’t seem too eager to share. He claims that the exit there has been blocked, though. Ferret figures she could use the weird things he brought with him in her conquest.

– Oscar’s stories leave huge impact on Ichor. She finally sees other proof that IZ exists, aside from Deaths’ stories, and it reignites her fascination with it. Oscar drops one of the photos, and she secretly keeps it.

– Ferret drags Oscar into her business and makes him drop his library and start doing radio broadcasts. His and Ferret’s affable personalities quickly win people over.

Gotye – Smoke And Mirrors

– They start dating, and Ferret falls in love harder than she’s expected. She promises him the second half of the Red Country, as soon as Jinjur conquers it.

– Jinjur secretly plans to kick him out soon enough and prepares an all-girl army to attack the Palaver Palace. They mockingly make effeminate dress uniforms and use needles and scissors as weapons.

Katy Perry – Roar


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