Pepper’s date

– One of Pepper’s sociopathic whims include a dating game, where Pepper chooses a handsome guy and forces him to stay at her castle. If he manages to survive some time without triggering Pepper’s anger, she sends him back with presents and good mental trauma. Bastille doesn’t like it, much like Pepper’s way of ruling in general, but humors her by letting her use the eye to find the victims.

Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me

– Right when Bastille is finally about to stop helping her with that, Pepper picks Nick.

– After all these years, Ferret still unsuccessfully keeps trying to get the Recipe. Since trying to buy it doesn’t help, she finds out who Pepper’s next victim is and visits him. Surprisingly enough, it’s Zee’s friend. Ferret hasn’t kept in contact with Zee and hasn’t paid much attention to Ichor for quite a while, so she isn’t aware of their relationship.

– Ferret offers Nick protection in exchange for learning the Recipe, and lends him Jellikins and the Invisibility Clock. Zee attempts to ask her if Ichor’s mentioned anything about him. Ferret has no idea what he means and says no.

– Nick and Jellikins bicker over Ichor. They go to Pepper’s place and find the Recipe, but Nick notices Bastille’s Golden Top Hat and, while invisible, tries to steal it to save the Apes. However, Bastille’s eye sees through his invisibility, so panicking Nick gouges it out with a fork and escapes. Ferret teleports him back home.

The Birthday Massacre – Blue

– Jellikins relays the Recipe to Ferret and tells her that Nick’s visit cost Bastille her all-seeing eye, so he’s probably deader than ever.

– Nick tries to run away with Zee, but Bastille sends her wolframs after them and treats Pepper with scathing silence.

– Zee falls from the horse and hits his head. The wolframs catch up and tear them apart. Ferret finds them too late and is only able to save some body parts. Since Zee’s brain gets injured, Ferret can’t do anything about his death.

– Ferret uses the stolen Hat to summon the Apes, and later returns the Hat to Bastille to somehow make the situation better.

– Archibald makes a tin body for Nick. Ferret claims she didn’t promise to protect Zee and takes his heart as the payment. Nick can’t believe she’s dismissed Zee’s death this easily.


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