Before you start reading, here’s the deal.

I’ll be retelling the plot in almost chronological order so that you wouldn’t get (too) confused, and I believe that’s the best way to do it. However, that’s not the order I chose to draw the story in, and that’s created another slew of problems.

Anyway, I was going to divide this into the following parts:

  1. The Black Brick Road of OZ – the “main” story, although technically it’s the END of it all;
  2. The Motley Horde of OZ – the actual beginning of it, telling about the Witches and their friends’ childhood. For some reason, I imagined this as silly gag strips rather than a serious continuous story;
  3. The Cunning Plans of OZ – the events between them leaving the Motley Horde and starting the conquest;
  4. The Marvelous Rulers of OZ – the conquests and Zee/Jackie’s backstory, which pretty much mirrors the second Oz book;
  5. The Riot Girl of OZ – what happened to Jinjur and Sharky after that;
  6. The Barbe Bleue of OZ – Nick’s backstory;
  7. The Wicked Circles of OZ – Ichor’s story after the conquests and the entire deal with the BBR timelines, finally explained.

Does it sound like an absolute hecking leviathan of a story to tell? That’s because it is. And it’s not like I didn’t realize that, but I’ve already accidentallied this entire universe and had nowhere else to run. My “plan” was to just start drawing and see how it goes. Which is kinda stupid, but probably the best kind of mindset to overcome the fear of big scary projects.

So yeah, here we are. I grew up a bit, realized that it’s probably not something I can dream to finish in my lifetime (at least in its current form), and stopped while I could. There were more reasons than that of course, but I definitely couldn’t ignore this one.

Anyway, I’ll just dump the short synopsis here and will elaborate on my favourite parts if I feel like it. Keep in mind that BBR is the most thought through (and even that is…questionable), so the rest of the “plot” can be pretty darn vague.


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