Ruggedo’s backstory

– Ruggedo is born outside of the leftovers of the Nome Kingdom after they were practically destroyed. Growing up, he sees his people being forced to hide and chased everywhere, and vows eventual revenge.

– He dreams of becoming the best mechanic that would eventually build some sort of Doomsday machine, but terribly burns his hands in an explosion caused by his own machinery. Since then can’t build a properly functioning mechanism and often receives similar injuries, which forces him to constantly wear gloves and a mask that makes his already stuttering speech completely muffled. He also can’t directly look at bright light and has to wear goggles.

– Even though he’s often mocked by his peers for being such a failure, he creates a small make-believe that he’s secretly a lost heir to the throne that will lead his people back to prosperity.

– Ruggedo is caught during an attempt to rob a building by digging a tunnel to it. Thanks to his rare origins, he’s directed right to the Tower. Shortly after his arrival he beats the beejesus out of Cedric for making fun of his people.

– Ruggedo has a rough start with Bastille. Bastille is sure that his nome skills, that were able to create such wonder of machinery as Wobbletock, will prove useful in her research. She almost forces him into being friends with her, but they terribly annoy each other. Ruggedo explains that he’s not interested in her company, that Wobbletock is still a machine rather than a living being and that his skills aren’t sufficient enough to make something like that anyway.

– However, later Bastille finds out that his main problem is in just how crude his machines are and helps him fix it with her diligence and accuracy. They genuinely start growing on each other, and form a strong friendship with Pepper.

– Bastille promises Ruggedo that one day his make-believe won’t be so fake anymore. She works on his speech and manners and heals some of his injuries with Bella’s thread. Ruggedo becomes more confident and outspoken and secretly develops a gentle adoration of her.


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