Sharky and the Flux twins

– Little Sharky lives with two brothers. When their father dies, Sharky’s upbringing is left up to his teenage brothers. They’re terrible at it.

– One day Sharky is left to play alone on the pier. He falls in the water and almost drowns. He sees Wally and wishes to be saved. She leaves him to be raised by the local sharks and in exchange, takes his ability to communicate with people. Instead, he starts speaking the Deaths’ language.

– After a few years Sharky returns to his brothers, that are greatly surprised and confused by this turn of events. They have no intent of babysitting a small gremlin that’s grown sharp teeth and acts like a wild destructive beast, so they sell him to the Notta Bit Moore circus.

– Young Sharky is very hard to control. In a fit of rage he kills a few performers, including the twins’ mother. He’s sent to the Motley Horde, but manages to tear apart a few guards in the process. However, for some reason he becomes super attached to Mrs. McDowell and major and his family, so he’s successfully caught and transferred.

– The twins start doing some shady things that probably even involve murder, and soon follow Sharky to the Motley Horde.

– For a while they pretend to be perfectly nice and innocent, until they create a masterful mayhem in an attempt to escape and possibly hurt Sharky. However, it turns out that he’s an even match. The twins are immediately subdued and promoted to the Tower.

– Pepper sort of bonds with Sharky over their mutual desire to eat everything.

– The twins bond with Ferret and especially Ichor (together they doodle silly stuff), and often poke fun at Oscar. Bastille expresses interest in twins, but that feeling isn’t mutual.

– Sharky’s destructive behavior seems to calm down with years. Major kinda likes Sharky and after the Motley Horde takes him to serve in jail. Sharky is treated rather poorly by other guards there, but doesn’t particularly care.



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