The Snowbanks

– Randall Snowbank grows in a poor family in the Ice-Cream Caps and owns a struggling candy-dealing business. He’s married and has several kids.

– Roquat the Nome King accidentally finds out about Snowbank’s problems and figures he could be a good business partner. They make a deal, and Snowbank receives a miracle of the nome machinery – a robot named Wobbletack – that saves his business. His only downside is that he has to be constantly rewinded, and only Roquat has the key. Wobbletack is being rewinded in exchange for Snowbank’s money and supplies.

– Roquat starts demanding more and more and eventually claims that he’s going to stop rewinding Wobbletack, unless Snowbank sells his wife and kids to slavery. Snowbank does just that, but poisons the candy shipped to nomes, killing Roquat and half of that colony and taking Wobbletack’s key with him.

– When other people find out about Roquat’s death, they decide it’s really time to do something about their unpleasant neighbors. Using this brief period of Nomes’ confusion caused by the lack of a leader, people start chasing and killing other nomes. The rest of them permanently hide under ground and plan to burn it all down one day.

– Cedric is Snowbank’s youngest kid and the only surviving member of his family since the Nomes wanted nothing to do with infants. Unfortunately, he’s a pure embarrassment and has no interest in the family business. Snowbank arranges Cedric’s marriage to the princess in an attempt to still get some financial use out of him.

Good Charlotte – The Anthem

– At early age Cedric accidentally gets addicted to the poisonous leftovers of the candy production. He keeps stealing it ever since, even though the doctors say his body is slowly rotting alive and he’s doomed to die in his thirties. By Snowbank’s request, Cedric is put in the Tower under special supervision.

– Cedric gets along (and tries to flirt) with Ferret, which makes him a playful rival in Oscar’s eyes. That relationship never goes anywhere, though.

– Pepper tries to stalk Cedric as one of her first marriage victims, but very quickly realizes it’s not worth it. He introduces her to the toxic ingredient she uses in her potions later.

– Snowbank has an affair with Mrs. McDowell, but his cold attitude doesn’t satisfy her. He still sponsors the Motley Horde for a while, though.


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