The Good conquest

– The army is stopped by Faramant. Jinjur demands to be let in, and when Faramant tries to resist, she beats him up and insults his incompetence. The girls trash and rob the city and murder the royal couple.

– Jackie uses the poppies she’s collected to knock some girls out and frees Zoe and Faramant. Zoe and Jackie decide to go ask Cedric for help.

– Cedric claims that Ferret is the only one who’d be willing to do anything here, so they’d have to travel to the Blue Country, where Ferret is preparing Ichor’s Good Witch debute.

– Pepper, bitter because Cedric isn’t on their side, surrounds his factory with scarecrows and orders them to give up. Cedric tells Zee about the dolls’ life stones. They capture a scarecrow and use its stone to make a flying sofa and escape.

– At first, Ichor tries to attack their gang, thinking they’re there to hurt Ferret, but quickly realizes her mistake. Once Zoe reveals who she is, Ferret realizes she can’t miss the chance to get on royal family’s good side and quickly changes her plans, betraying Jinjur.

– She uses Oscar’s IZ technology to spook superstitious Jinjur and apprehends her army. She refuses to acknowledge any connection to Jinjur and makes it look like she’s saving the Red Country from her.

– In everyone’s eyes, Ferret, Ichor and Oscar earn their Good titles, and Oscar with his alien knowledge truly becomes the Great and Terrible wizard.

– Ferret’s only concern is that Oscar keeps talking about IZ and how much he misses it. Ferret assumes he might have a love interest there, and gets super jealous, almost stalker-ish. That’s when she truly learns how to put on a fake smile in any situation. Ichor watches Ferret descend into her fake manic saleswoman persona with silent sorrow.

– Unable to let Oscar go, Ferret finally uses her Death wish and asks for full control over him. It backfires, as the Deaths simply sew him into a giant obedient puppet. Disturbed Ferret descends into denial and makes herself believe that the true Oscar is still alive and can hear her from the inside. Ferret never tells Ichor what happened to Oscar and where Godween came from, but Ichor has a guess and is too disturbed to think about it.

Birthday Massacre – To Die For

– Zoe, who tasted the excitement of an adventure, claims she doesn’t want to be an OZMA anymore and grants the rest of OZ to the Good Witches. Ferret becomes her fairy godmother; Ichor wants to keep contact with her.

– Cedric jumps the bandwagon and declares they aren’t going to marry each other either. Snowbank isn’t amused by the mayhem on his factory and Cedric’s sudden rebellious streak, and finally disowns and kicks him out to a cottage at the Creepy Creek.

– Wobbletack takes over the family business. Snowbank spends the rest of his days alone, contemplating his existence.

– Zoe and Jackie join Cedric, and Zoe completely embraces her new male persona.


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