The initiation

– The royal couple decides there’s no time to waste, and Zoe should become the new OZMA as soon as possible. They reveal to her that the royal couples keep swapping body parts to live longer and looks prettier, and only pass the throne when it stops helping. During the initiation the princess is supposed to choose her new look that suits the royal persona. Zoe doesn’t want to be taken apart and freaks out.

– Jackie offers to run away for a while and take some time to consider everything. Zoe cross-dresses, taking the name of Zee Ami, slips out of the palace with Jackie using Faramant’s lenience, and runs off to the Locked Ness.

– While crossing the Mellow Meadows full of poppies, they encounter the Winged Apes that encourage them to fall asleep in the flowers. Zee is saved by the fact that Jackie doesn’t need sleep. One of the Apes, Avis, remembers this weird occurrence.

– The Locked Ness turns out to be the place where Jinjur gathers her all-girl army. Blissfully unaware of their intentions, Jackie somehow manages to join them. Zoe doesn’t share Jinjur’s views and dares to disagree; she’s taken hostage. The army of blood-thirsty ladies heads towards the palace, destroying everything on their way.


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