The living dolls

– Bastille is the first one to make her Death wish, wishing to find out the secret ingredient to creating life. Rayne gives her some hourglass with the sand of life, despite Bella’s visible displeasure.

– Together with Pepper they figure out the Recipe of mixing the sand into a potion to create stones that Bastille sews into her dolls. That finally manages to bring them to life.

– Bastille tries to animate Ichor’s Toothy plush, but it acts like a newborn baby. Bastille figures the dolls need brains, with the orders and behavior written into them.

– When Bastille makes Toothy come to life, Jinjur thinks it’s the deed of some evil spirits and tries to exorcise them. Conrad plays a prank on her in his black dog form, which spooks the beejesus out of Jinjur. She starts researching the legends about Deaths and finds out that they turn into black animals with oddly colored eyes. Since then she’s terrified of those.

– Together with Ruggedo Bastille collects scrap from the Urfin Deuce’s toy factory and makes dolls like Quadling, Munchkin and Winkies.

– Ferret is really eager to learn the Recipe, but even though their relationship is still fairly decent, Bastille knows this much power shouldn’t be given to her. Thus, even Pepper, who’s usually glad to spill any secret, does her best to stay silent.

– Bastille and Ferret collaborate to create Jellikins, who’s supposed to be Ichor’s mentor and help her weak hesitant nature. Indeed, they get very attached to each other.

– Bastille also secretly makes a blimp doll with Ruggedo and decides to try and travel to the IZ. However, Oscar foils her plans by accidentally flying away in it first and disappearing for several years. Ferret is pretty sure he’s dead, and sometimes recalls his existence with a bit of sadness.


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