The preparations

– The Witches start planning their conquest back in the Motley Horde. Ferret, along with Bastille, is the main driving force behind it. She start a business with twins and tries to show herself off in the best light possible.

Kerli – The Creationist

– Bastille and twins devises their plan of actions. The twins ultimately side with the Good Witches. In an attempt to get over them, Bastille makes her scarecrows, using their likeness.

– Cedric is too lazy to participate in the conquest and thinks he already has everything he could ever need. Pepper perfects the body rotting effect of his toxic ingredients.

– Ruggedo finally lives out his imaginary scenario. He finds the leftovers of the Nome colonies and unites them under the claim of avenging their homicide and getting their lands back. Ruggedo quickly wins the Nomes over and is declared the new Nome King.

Dr. Steel – Ode To Revenge

– Ruggedo and Bastille work at the Urfin Deuce’s toy factory and secretly turn those toys into their war tools. The Nomes help build other dolls and dig a tunnel under the royal palace.

Dr. Steel – Back And Forth


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