The reign

– Bastille’s reign is strict and totalitarian, but the production and overall well-being of the country skyrockets. She’s feared by most, but respected by many.

– After the Violet Country is taken over, Ruggedo and his people return to their regular lives. However, he does his best to change their ways and earn the Nomes a better reputation to avoid any future conflicts.

Dr. Steel – We Decide It

– Pepper becomes an awful despotic ruler, to say the least. Thanks to her stupid destructive whims, the country never even gets a chance to fix what she’s already broken. People are terrified of her.

– Ferret isn’t interested in administrating her country as much as being a prominent public persona and leaves all the boring paperwork to others. Some people enjoy her fun-loving character, others aren’t amused by her rash and wasteful decisions.

– Ichor is very excited about ruling the Blue Country and thinks it opens a new life full of great responsible decisions. Reigning an entire country turns out to be harder than she thought, but she spends the first few years, trying her best under Jellikins’ supervision. People are a bit spooked by her powers and appearance, but seem to like her.

– Godween gets the Red Country, but is puppeteered by Ferret. The twins work at his place. It’s implied that the twins long for Ferret’s attention, but she takes them for granted.

– Eventually Bastille realizes that Rayne didn’t give her just any hourglass; that’s the sand that measures her own life, and she’s been shortening her own lifespan this entire time. She stops making new dolls, tries to recycle the old stones and carefully preserves the rest of her sand.

– Ruggedo unexpectedly proposes to her. Bastille highly values his affection, but can’t imagine herself softening up enough anymore and thinks that this can negatively affect their reign. She reluctantly decides to turn him down, bringing their relationship to an awkward halt.


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