The scarecrows

– The Recipe serves no real use, since Ferret doesn’t have the main ingredient – the hourglass sand. Ferret tries to steal some of the scarecrow brains to figure out how Bastille breathes life into her dolls. To cover it, she claims she just wants to recycle the scarecrows and put them to a better use. However, Bastille removes their life stones in advance, so Ferret gets to redesign lifeless scarecrows, much to her chagrin.

– During this scheme Shawn’s brain breaks in half. Ferret takes one half with her, and coincidentally, it’s the part that turns the scarecrows into violent zombies, so Shawn ends up somewhere in-between them and Jackie.

– The Witches send the redesigned scarecrows to Pepper’s fields along with other, old scarecrows, but the latter quickly go out of control and burn most of the fields, as well as their new siblings. Shawn, due to his in-between state, is just deemed an odd nuisance, and gets hanged on a pole. Pepper doesn’t particularly care about the entire mayhem.

– Shawn feels like the old scarecrows are technically more skilled, which is why they easily overpowered the new sweet naive dumbasses. Munchkin making fun of his defect doesn’t help either. Shawn feels inadequate and wants his brain back.


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