The time loop

– Jellikins finds Ichor dead, in what looks like a suicide. The Deaths explain to him that she’s made a wish to get reborn and asked Jellikins to assist her.

Стволы – Без Спроса

– Ichor is reborn into Dolly, with her memories locked by Norbert and the key hidden in her basket. The Deaths keep resetting the timeline until Dolly can achieve her happy ending, each time shifting the starting point one year later to give her another chance. The ending would’ve been achieved if Dolly destroyed her memory key, forever putting a cross on her past.

Земфира – Бесконечность

– While Dolly’s memories are reset in each timeline, Jellikins remembers everything, so that he could gently guide and guard her. However, he misunderstands her wish, assuming what’s best for her, “as usual”.  The Deaths clearly state that Ichor wanted to find a new home, but Jellikins remembers Ichor’s obsession and automatically assumes that she wanted to get to IZ.

Snow Patrol – What If The Storm Ends?

– He recalls Ichor’s roleplaying diary and tries his best to orchestrate everything as it was written there.

– He even cuts some potentially happy timelines short just because they don’t follow Ichor’s ideal plot. That way, Jellikins spends seven timelines (around 20 years in total, while the last timeline takes place 8 years after Ichor’s death) trying to achieve the happy ending, unaware that his inability to try a different approach is what really stands in his way.

Snow Patrol – How To Be Dead

-This endless cycle really does a number on his psyche, and Jellikins turns into a tired bitter man that doesn’t care about anyone anymore. In the last timeline (BBR) he stops trying to interfere too much and just follows Dolly around, only possessing dolls that could be a threat to her.


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