The Wicked conquest

– Pepper is the first one to officially start the conquest and takes the Yellow Country by force, utterly devastating the entire land.

– Ichor secretly uses her music to amplify the destruction. She refuses to hurt people, though.

– The guards manage to catch some of Pepper’s trigger-happy scarecrows and send them to Dr. Pipt. He makes Zoe examine them. She finds out that scarecrows without brains are quite nice and harmless, albeit a bit stupid. Zoe is so fascinated by this discovery, she decides to secretly keep one of the scarecrows and calls her Jackie Pumpkinhead.

– Bastille and Ruggedo visit the royal palace. They threaten the same destruction as Pepper, and even take Zoe hostage. The royal couple is forced to hand them the Violet Country, and Bastille gives the Nomes’ lands back to Ruggedo.


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