The Witches

– One day the Witches appear on the Motley Horde’s threshold, and are raised by Mrs. McDowell. Nobody knows for sure if they’re actual sisters or not, but the Witches themselves prefer to think so.

–  At first, nobody notices Ichor’s presence, since they can’t see or hear her, but she gets their attention with her telekinetic powers. Mrs. McDowell finds it kinda terrifying and tries to teach Ichor music, hoping that this would be her emotional outlet. Ichor starts channeling telekinesis through music.

– Pepper has an entire baggage of illnesses, and is forced to take tons of medication. She really loves sweets since she’s barely allowed any of them, but her fat is illness-induced.

– Because of her weight, Pepper is led to believe that no one aside from Bastille will be able to love her willingly, and is obsessed with finding her prince and forcing him to love her back. In reality, no one likes her because of her unbearable personality.

– Bastille the weakest and most fragile out of the four of them. Doctors don’t believe she’s going to survive at all, yet she does.

– Near death experiences in early childhood and the fact that the Witches can’t reproduce (have neither uteri nor bellybuttons) make Bastille curious about the subject of life and death, mainly, what makes living things living. She starts experimenting on animals, trying to figure out how to give life to inanimate objects. Pepper starts making potions to help Bastille’s searches.

– Ferret is considered to be slightly mischievous, but otherwise harmless, very polite, proper and sweet.

– Ichor is the weakest one of the Witches, constantly gets into trouble, and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

– Originally, the Witches are on good terms with each other. Pepper doesn’t care much for Ichor, but Ferret and Bastille are remarkably nice to her. In particular, Bastille presents the Toothy plush that Ichor adores.

– Witches’ unknown origins and weird abilities make Bastille and Ichor secretly believe they’re actually from the IZ.

– On one of their birthdays the Witches meet the Deaths. Conrad senses that Ichor is one of them (and they’re only ones who can hear what Ichor is saying). The Deaths find the Witches interesting. They reveal that the Witches can ask them for one wish each, at any point in time.

Abney Park – Until The Day You Die

– The Deaths keep appearing the to Witches from time to time, even though nobody believes them. Ichor really likes Koma, Norbert and Sybil. Bella leaves a lasting impression on Bastille and inspires her sewing hobby. Rayne is a rather bad influence on Ferret. Pepper enjoys hanging out with Conrad.


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