Main characters



The Wicked Witch of the North, ruler of the Violet Country, one of the Tower kids.

PepperFerret and Ichor‘s sister (presumably). Pepper’s closest friend, Ruggedo‘s love interest.

A fragile woman with strong beliefs. To most people she seems aloof, ruthless and prideful, but has her own set of morals that she follows, and deeply cares about people that are close to her. She’s very distrustful and rarely opens up to anyone, though. Unlike Pepper, doesn’t like mindless violence and tries to judge everything strictly, but fairly. Stoic, smart and educated, loves handwork and biology.

One of Bastille’s eyes can be easily removed from her eye socket, and shows answers to her questions. However, it only shows the widely known information that may or may not be actually true.

Her insect is a mantis. Alignment – Lawful Evil.


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