Main characters

Ferret Lie


The Good Witch of the West, ruler of the Green Country, one of the Tower kids. A controvercial figure that will grant any wish for a suitable price.

BastillePepper and Ichor‘s sister (presumably), twins‘ mistress, Oscar‘s love interest, Zee‘s fairy godmother.

A great showman, superficial actress and a chronic liar with manic personality. Appears to be sweet, benevolent, overly dramatic and quirky. Most of her dialog is just one big flamboyant act that’s meant to hide her true feelings. She’s so used to hiding those feelings that even she almost forgot what they were. Usually tries to play by her own established rules, but given the opportunity, would gladly use any loopholes.

Ferret has a weird screen that replaces her eyes and can project images. She usually uses it to simply create an illusion of eyes, but it changes to static whenever she’s too emotionally shaken to control it properly. Aside from that, Ferret can also teleport to the familiar places.

Her insect is a butterfly. Alignment – Chaotic Neutral.


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