Main characters



The Good Witch of the South, ruler of the Blue Country, one of the Tower kids, Dolly‘s alter-ego. Is actually one of the Deaths.

BastilleFerret and Pepper‘s sister (presumably), is friends with Ferret, twins and Koma. Dated Zee for a while. Jellikins‘ main cause of suffering.

Ichor is very timid and unassertive. She doesn’t like challenging herself and often runs from her problems and responsibilities. Paradoxically, her attempts to avoid conflicts usually only annoy people more. She’s an idealistic daydreamer and likes drawing (although she’s pretty bad at it) and playing music.

Ichor has an invisible body and cannot be heard by other people. She has telekinetic powers and can channel them through her violin.

Her insect is a cicada. Alignment – True Neutral.


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