Main characters



The Wicked Witch of the East, ruler of the Yellow Country, one of the Tower kids, victim of Dolly‘s house.

BastilleFerret and Ichor‘s sister (presumably), Bastille and Ruggedo‘s close friend.

Has a terrible short temper, childish defensive behavior and stalker tendencies. She’s energetic, trigger-happy, sadistic and selfish; the only people she genuinely cares about are Bastille and Ruggedo. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Loves cooking (mostly potions and poisons, though), cute things, pretty dresses (hats!), gossip and pets. Has a giant garden.

Pepper has a spiral mark on her forehead. Sometimes, random weird alien things appear out of it. Bastille speculates it’s some sort of portal from the IZ, as they try to communicate through it.

Her insect is a colorado beetle. Alignment – Chaotic Evil.


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