The Winged Apes

The Winged Apes in general are the creatures living in the Poppy Meadows. The strong scent of the flowers quickly makes regular humans fall asleep. The Apes are less affected by it, but it makes them lazy, indifferent and happily ignorant.

The robbers and other forest folk also call “The Winged Apes” the five Apes that moved to live next to them:

  • Alvin – a doctor. Constantly grumpy and kinda rude, but knows where to draw the line.
  • Alfred – an artist. Clumsy and forgetful, but is the sweetest grandpa.
  • Allen – a cobbler. A bit vain and pretentious.
  • Amberlynn – a baker. Doesn’t speak much, but is caring and motherly.
  • Archibald – a mechanic. Loud, energetic, very sociable.

They’re NickJinjur and Leslie‘s friends.


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