Tetriary characters

The Seven Deaths


The Deaths come from another universe. They’re supernatural immortal deities and the only creatures that can travel between the worlds. Their job is to kill the human body once the soul leaves it.

Once a year the Deaths stop performing their duties for a single day, called the Life Day. The Witches first meet them during its celebration.

The Deaths can make themselves visible or invisible to humans as they want, but some humans are able to see them regardless. Such humans can ask the Deaths for a wish, but they pay a morbid price for it and lose their seeing gift afterwards.

There’re many other Deaths, but these seven are the most well-known and influential:

  • Norbert (aka “The Disease” or “The Collector”) – the oldest one of them. He has control over people’s memories;
  • Sybil (aka “The Hunger” or “The Regulator”) – regulates the rules and balance; sets prices, punishment and roles;
  • Rayne (aka “The Burn” or “The Gambler”) – can timetravel;
  • Wally (aka “The Drowning” or “The Whisperer”) – draws prophecies, creates foreshadowing dreams, whispers legends about Deaths to humans;
  • Conrad (aka “The Heart Attack” or “The Destroyer”) – can destroy any matter + feels the presence of other Deaths;
  • Bella (aka “The Poison” or “The Sealer”) – can block other Deaths’ abilities;
  • Koma (aka “The Sleep” or “The Healer”) – the youngest one of them, can restore any matter.

If you’d like to learn more about them, check my Toyhouse.


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