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Anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider redoing BBR story in future or use the basic’s of it for a new project? Not gonna lie I feel like BBR could work as a (more lichoose your own adventure game with multiple outcomes (like if you be nice your journey will be like the high on sugar magic land with the happy ever after ending, being an unpleasant person gives you the edgier and grimdark tale with the “everything sucks” ending and a load of neutral endings)

Funny enough, BBR did start as an idea for a game, though with no multiple endings (but it did have multiple gruesome game overs). If I tried hard enough I could still probably turn it into some RPG. And while I don’t think that changing the entire tone of the game depending on your actions would work, the different endings could be incorporated into this, sure.

The main problem is that then I’d absolutely have to give up on the prequels and rewrite BBR completely to make a stand-alone story out of it, like I originally intended. And that is sooo much easier to say than do, not only in the technical sense (like how the hell do I cut the Deaths out of this), but also because I genuinely like some ideas from the prequels? While BBR is more about the pretty whimsical landscapes and the thrill of the adventure, the prequels are more about the characters and their interactions, and I love that kind of stuff. So if I’m not ready to eliminate all of the backstories, I’d have to change them in a way that’d allow BBR to exist on its own, but then also insert some hints in there and once again hope that one day I will elaborate on it, and this is just the same wicked circle I’ve been trapped in.

So right now I don’t see any potential compromise that would allow me to rewrite BBR, but I definitely wouldn’t want to throw it out completely. I’d like to hope that one day I will either get smart enough to find that compromise, or ruthless enough to burn all the bridges with no regrets.


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