Themes of the countries

Fabián asked:

Hello, first of all, i really Love your drawings & stories, i began to read BBR two years ago; you’ve inspired me to improve my drawings & to create stories. Thank you!! Well, i have a question: What are the themes of the five countries of OZ? I know that Yellow is food-sweets, Red is Science-medicine & Blue is Art, am i right? What about Purple & Green??

Glad to hear that!

The themes were pretty vague, to be honest. In terms of what the countries do, Yellow supplies food, Violet specializes in science, Blue is known for its artists, Red is the center of entertainment, and Green is the capitalism magnet. In terms of the visual themes, Yellow is a saccarine food fest, Blue is foggy, quiet and desaturated, Green is bright and colorful, Violet is full of creepy and gloomy industrial places, and Red has a body/inner organs theme going on.


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