World maps

Someone asked:

Hey there, i’d like to know How did you created your O.Z world. How did you organised all the places in the map? It’s because i’m planning to release a webcomic in the future, but right Now i’m just developing the characters & the world, i have the idea and all that stuff of how do the world is organised & how does it looks like, but when i want to draw a map in paper, it becomes really complicated!! & just One more question: Which app or Computer programm did you used to draw BBR?

Well, I’ve already had somewhat of a canon template to start with, and luckily, it’s a super primitive one, because I have no idea how to plan out maps. I think in any other case I’d just use some map generators and go from there.

I knew what countries I wanted the gang to visit and in which order (Yellow Country->Green Country->Red Country->Violet Country->Blue Country), then figured what key locations would be appropriate on their path, and then just made up weird names for the rest. That’s pretty much it.

Not sure what you mean by “complicated”, though? Whether you start delving into too much detail, or you’re just saying that making maps is hard? I honestly don’t know what to advise if it’s the former, but boy do I relate if it’s the latter.

I suppose it’s not as critical if you don’t have to show an actual map in-comic (and if you do, you can always cheat and show some stylized simplified interpretation of it, like BBR’s map; especially if your world isn’t too technologically advanced). Just vaguely knowing how things are located relative to each other usually works fine for me.

I use PaintTool SAI for the most part. Brushes: [x]


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