Anonymous asked:

Hiya!! I’m writing the story for the webcomic I’ve been planning for a while, however, whenever I get a good chunk done, I’m unsatisfied with the first chapters or the designs of the characters… and I redo everything again. Is it… a good thing to do? should I keep it up until I’m satisfied with what I’ve got?? By the by! I absolutely adore your art style, your characters always look so alive! And thanks in advance :))

Thanks! And yeah, that’s a very familiar situation.

While being critical of your own work and constantly striving for improvement is certainly a good thing, there’s a point when it turns into an unhealthy obssession with perfectionism that can drown your motivation and self-esteem. I can’t tell you if you’re beyond that point or not, of course, but asking yourself that question might not be a good sign. If you feel like you’re absolutely not going anywhere and/or that redoing everything is almost like a chore you’re forcing onto yourself, it’s probably time to stop.

Unfortunately, we almost never manage to get things done the way we want, and reaching perfection is usually an unrealistic goal. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself “this isn’t as good as it could’ve been, but I’m gonna do it, achieve this little goal, move on and do better next time”. Good luck!


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