Olen asked:

Hello, Please consider the idea that so many people being interested in this, two and a half years since the last page was published, is a sign that it wasn’t anywhere near as badly done as you thought. It would still be worth doing.

I will admit that it’s honestly a miracle, and one that I appreciate greatly. However, I will argue that it doesn’t necessarily mean it was subjectively amazing (the fact that people still go see Transformers movies doesn’t mean they’re the pinhacle of cinematic art), and that the public recognition isn’t the only thing that makes me continue drawing.

Again, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m critisizing BBR out of some elaborate masochistic self-deprecation (well, just a little, mayhaps). Like it usually is with constructive critisism, I’m doing it because I love it and see the potential that was buried under the genuine lack of experience. I do believe that this story is worth doing, but I see no point in doing it the way I was going to, since I feel no pride in it anymore. There’s nothing sadder than comics that are continued out of pure “obligation” and have no heart or passion behind them, and I didn’t want BBR to finish its run as a zombie.


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