So, going back to Bastille’s injury subplot, I call this subplot Ruska because it was inspired by Apocalyptica’s song “Ruska” (which in Finnish means “leaves turning colorful in autumn”?)

Anyway, here’s a bunch of storyboards I made for it ages ago. I actually still kinda like it because it perfectly conveyed Ichor’s character and Bastille’s growing disappointment with her, in a short and sweet way and with no dialogue.

If you can’t tell what’s going on there, Ichor is trying to craft a boquet out of leaves with her mind powers, but fails miserably because she can’t quite control it properly. Frustrated, she throws the book aside, but once again, doesn’t control her power and accidentally hits Bastille with the book, sending her flying off the cliff and breaking her spine. I did intend it to be ridiculous and awkward, but it’s probably way too ridiculous tbh.

Ichor freaks out, but doesn’t tell anyone, just leaving Bastille there until Mrs McDowell notices she’s missing and finds her body. Bastille is alive but paralyzed, and this accident makes her start completely loathe Ichor, not even just for the injury, but for the fact that Ichor is so weak and cowardly she abandoned her and told no one, fearing the consequences. Ichor even pitifully tries to patch things up by making an actual leaves boquet, but Bastille just throws the vase at her.

The next part is a little outdated here. Like I said, in the newer version Pepper uses her wish to cure Bastille. Here Bastille and Ruggedo just make a weird clock corset device to help the operation. The Deaths patch Bastille’s spine up, even though now it’s more fragile than before. In the morning Mrs McDowell finds the bloody bed and Bastille already walking on crutches (where the hell did she get those), with a new haircut no less. And Ichor is just left to grieve about their broken relationship, and that somehow helps her finally make the boquet with the mind powers. Idek.

I wouldn’t say I like how quickly this entire deal gets resolved, especially if we’re talking about an injury of this scale? On one hand, that’s not the focus of the subplot, the focus is Ichor’s harmful attitude and the fact that she chose to leave Bastille to die, so it doesn’t even really matter if Bastille is hurt in the end. On the other hand, a long-lasting injury would add more weight to the issue and would serve as a constant reminder to Ichor. But ey, who needs that when you have deus ex machina Deaths, right?


The Black Brick Road

Panic!At The Disco – Nine In The Afternoon

– During the transformating into Dolly Ichor plays her violin and makes hey toy house fly up in the air. Pepper’s price for her Death wish is that every Dolly’s timeline starts with the house falling on her, and barely anyone misses her.

– Dolly wakes up in Ichor’s doll house. She finds Toothy and Ichor’s roleplaying diary. Outside she discovers Pepper’s body, squashed by her house. Dolly doesn’t seem too upset about it.

– She meets Quadling, who’s witnessed the fall of her house. He advises her to come see Ferret who can help her get back home.

– On the fields Dolly meets Shawn and takes him off the pole. He decides to join her and ask Ferret for another half of his brain.

Owl City – The Technicolor Phase

– Bastille is seen examining the storm. She’s informed about Pepper’s death by Ferret’s public announcement. As soon as she finds out that Pepper was killed by a flying house, she remembers about the message Ichor left.

– Dolly and Shawn come across Nick’s abandoned house and spend a night there. At night Shawn wanders off and finds Nick’s rusted body in the withered poppy patch.

– At first Nick hates the idea of asking Ferret for something, but then decides to get Zee’s heart back. He considers Zee to be the second sweetest and kindest person he knew, and thinks that a heart replacement will make him feel love again.

– Leslie meets Dolly’s gang while they’re defending themselves from the local tree zoo. Leslie mistakes them for Bastille’s people and threatens to shoot, but is too nervous to properly hit anyone. Much like Jinjur, she’s terrified of Toothy, since it’s a black animal with oddly colored eyes.

– She finds out they’re on their way to see Ferret and even though she knows Jinjur doesn’t favor her, Leslie decides to join them and ask Ferret for bravery. She’s familiar with many places they come across and often serves as a guide.

– Meanwhile, Bastille, Ferret and Ruggedo are mourning Pepper’s death. Bastille is annoyed that even at a time like this Ruggedo can’t bring himself to talk to her.

– Jellikins reappears, but refuses to tell Ferret anything that’s happened to him or Ichor.

– Quadling joins the gang, and Nick acts very aggressively towards him. Quadling defends Ferret, saying she’s fulfilled her promises and saved Nick’s life.

– When they visit the robbers, Nick learns about Cedric’s death.

– The gang travels through the Nome domains, and in attempt to distract Ruggedo Shawn masterfully lies to him that Bastille wanted him to call her, which finally makes him try and patch things up again.

– Nick meets the poppies again when they have to cross the Mellow Meadows. As the Winged Apes strike with their lullabies once more, annoyed Nick says it’s no wonder the forest Apes escaped this hole. Like Jackie, Shawn is the only one who’s immune to the poppies, and Avis recalls that incident.

– Avis shows Shawn that the humans who fall asleep are carried into the flower buds and get turned into the new Winged Apes. She tries to persuade him that this is better for all of them, that this will put all of their problems and worries to rest, and there will be no need in Ferret’s help.

Dario Marianelli – And They Lived Happily Ever After

– Shawn decides that this won’t do after all, and almost sets the entire meadow on fire. The Apes can’t stand his presence and give them a giant paper plane to travel to Ferret.

– Nick reveals to Leslie that Ferret took their Ape friends in exchange for her life. She’s shocked. Nick and Leslie confront Ferret about that, but once again, she argues it was a fair bargain that everyone consented to.

– Dolly is the only one who doesn’t accuse Ferret of anything and lets her take a look at her memories via a Winkie. Since Norbert forged her new memories to look like she comes from IZ, that seems like a solid proof.

– Ferret figures the exit to IZ must be open again. Since Bastille, apparently, doesn’t know about that yet, Ferret decides she can be the first one to build another blimp and go there with Dolly, an aborigen who knows the land, and Godween, a previous visitor who knows how to get there. However, the previous blimp was a doll, and Ferret still can’t make dolls without Bastille’s sand.

– Jellikins is the one to give Ferret the idea to help Dolly and follow her to IZ. He’s actually already managed to create a blimp in one of the timelines, thanks to reuniting Bastille and Ruggedo, but they quickly got lost midway through, so Jellikins counts on Godween sharing his IZ experience in this timeline.

– Ferret redirects the gang to Godween, while technically making him voice her orders. Godween sends Dolly’s gang to Bastille to get a life stone. Knowing that Bastille is more rational than aggressive, Ferret has little to no reason to believe that she would attack the gang without hearing them out first. Of course, she doesn’t know about Ichor’s message.

Creature Feature – The Greatest Show Unearthed

– In the meantime, Bastille sees her life sand is running way too low and starts getting paranoid. She focuses all of her forces outside her castle in a feeble attempt to trick the fate and spends several nights, expecting whatever threat to take her out, as well.

– Dolly’s gang is stopped while flying over the Ruby City, since they don’t have the permit to travel there. Thankfully, they’re close enough to Faramant’s domains, and Leslie manages to save the situation.

– Leslie offers Dolly to not risk her life and just stay with the robbers. Dolly still refuses, since there’s no place like home. The gang decides they can’t let Dolly go alone in any case.

– Leslie awkwardly lies about their destination, and Faramant figures she ran away without Jinjur’s permission. Concerned, he decides to call her, but Leslie begs him not to. She explains how much it means to her to come out of her shell and finally do something herself. Faramant understands what it’s like to feel overshadowed by your more active and vocal relatives, and gives in. He reminds Leslie that he and Jinjur love her no matter what, so she doesn’t have to prove anything to them.

– Nick tells Shawn his backstory. He says that Dolly reminds him of the child he could never have with Jackie, so he’s got attached to her. Shawn argues that he doesn’t need a physical heart replacement, as he’s already quite caring and empathetic, just a bit jaded and asocial. Since Leslie offered Dolly to return to the forest and join the robbers earlier, Nick could just follow them and find his new family there. Nick considers it, noting that Shawn doesn’t seem to need a brain, either.

– When Bastille finds out that Dolly’s gang is approaching her castle, she rationally understands that most of those people would hardly hurt her, but doesn’t trust anyone, especially since she recognizes Nick who’s supposed to be dead.

– Bastille sends some of her dolls after them. Shawn’s experience with fighting field birds pays off when he defeats the butterfly-scrows. Nick is also better prepared this time, and successfully defeats the wolframs. Leslie helps Nick, and Shawn notes that she can do the right thing even though she’s scared, and that’s really what bravery is.

Lights – Lions!

– Nick tells everyone that they really don’t have to do Godween’s bidding and trouble Bastille, since all of them already seem to possess the things they needed. He asks Dolly to give up on IZ and stay with them, but she’s still determined to continue trying. However, she tells him that even though she can’t go with him, he can go with her to IZ. Nick is moved by that.

– Bastille’s wooden soldiers attack the gang, and one of them grabs Leslie and Dolly. Jellikins doesn’t find Leslie useful anymore and doesn’t want her to perpetuate the idea with robbers any further, so he possesses Toothy and bites the soldiers’ head off, along with Leslie’s.

– Other soldiers catch and neutralize Nick and Shawn. Their heads (and the life stone) are carried to Bastille, and she puts then in the jars where she can see it.

– Dolly looks like the most harmless one of them, so Bastille leaves her alive, but cuts her feet off and puts her in a cage, “for the time being”.

– The Winged Apes are let out by Jellikins, who tells them about imprisoned Dolly. Archibald makes new feet for her (“silver shoes”) and Jellikins introduces himself as Ichor’s servant who needs Dolly’s help.

– Unlike Ichor, Jellikins still holds quite a grudge against Bastille for being so cold towards his mistress. He’s set on painfully killing her in this timeline to eliminate her threat.

– Ruggedo calls Bastille, and she, feeling extremely tired and desperate, tells him about the situation. Even though he pleads her to hold on and wait until his arrival, she admits he can’t help her.

– Bastille is distracted by the Winged Apes that decide to fight for their freedom. Following Jellikins’ Recipe instructions, Dolly brews the potion out of Bastille’s entire sand leftovers and waits until the water starts boiling.

– Bastille sees Dolly running down the hall with Jellikins and realizes that there’s some uncanny resemblance to Ichor, which absolutely terrifies her. Bastille grabs giant scissors and attempts to cut Dolly in half. She misses and only cuts her hair off, though.

Spiky – The Chronophagist

– Jellikins-possessed Toothy claws out her second eye, and blinded and enraged Bastille breaks his pipe. Before she realizes that something’s wrong with her sand, the water set up by Jellikins boils, turning the sand into the last life stone, and Bastille melts alive.

– Ferret arrives, teleporting Ruggedo to Bastille’s castle, but it’s too late. Bastille’s unexpected death shakes Ferret as much as Ichor’s, considering that deep inside she still liked Bastille and didn’t want to lose her last sister.

– Ferret figures it was Jellikins who aided Dolly in her murder. She’s enraged by his seemingly unmotivated intervention and breaks her pipe, as well. She still has to announce Bastille’s death with the same fake smile.

– Nick and Shawn are reassembled by the Winged Apes. Shawn looks quite distraught about Leslie’s death. The Apes warn Nick about Jellikins and his unknown motives.

– Shawn has a private talk with Nick and says that he has an idea of what might happen if he gets his brain, and wouldn’t attempt it if Leslie was still alive. He vaguely tells Nick that if things go wrong, he shouldn’t hesitate to kill Shawn, even though Nick refuses to promise that.

– The Apes carry the gang to Godween and head back to the forest. Jellikins is sure that all he needs to do is to sit back and wait until Godween fulfills his promise and tells him and Dolly about IZ.

– Dolly does bring Ferret a life stone after all. Ferret is so tired and confused by the terrible irony of this situation that she just throws a huge tea party, while mentally contemplating her life choices, and lets Godween deal with the wish granting alone.

– Shawn gets his brain back. While Nick is waiting for his heart surgery, he and Dolly spend some time drawing silly pictures. Dolly draws them together, absolutely melting his grumpy heart, and goes to sleep.

– Nick still has reoccuring nightmares about the Witches and the deaths of his friends, so he goes to ask Godween for some sleeping pills. However, he finds Godween dead, murdered by Nick’s own axe. Nick sees Oscar’s body inside of him and is deeply disturbed.

Dr. Steel – Winky in C Minor

– Nick wakes Dolly up. They notice traces of oil from Nick’s oil can and follow them, only to find zombie!Shawn. It seems that once his brain was restored, he remembered about his vows to the Witches. To avenge Bastille, he killed Godween with Nick’s axe and doused the palace with Nick’s oil. Before Nick can do anything, Shawn sets himself and the entire palace on fire.

– Nick helps Dolly get out, but his tin body can’t stand the heat and starts melting. He forces crying Dolly on the elevator and lifts her to the roof, where she’s saved by firefighters. She stays waiting for Nick, but he never comes out of the palace.

Зимавсегда – Хрупкие

– Ferret arrives to the burning palace in a sorry state, demanding her Oscar to be saved. The twins help slap some sense into her.

– Jellikins, infuriated by another defeat, lashes out on hysterical Ferret. He finally gets fed up with his inability to break the loop and decides to bail out entirely by committing suicide. So he asks Ferret to deliver Dolly to Ichor’s place, after which both of them will gladly disapper from her life forever. Ferret does just that.

– When they arrive, Jellikins makes Dolly break Ichor’s pipe and step on his life stone, killing him and leaving Dolly completely alone.

– The Deaths appear before Dolly, explaining that since one of Ichor’s conditions – Jellikins’ help – is null now, they’re forced to break the wish and return her the memories.

– Ichor is overwhelmed with her anger at Jellikins and the pain the timeline memories bring her. She “explodes”, revealing herself as a Death. After her instability calms down, the Deaths take her with them. Technically, that’s when she finds the place where she belongs.

Apocalyptica – Somewhere Around Nothing


The time loop

– Jellikins finds Ichor dead, in what looks like a suicide. The Deaths explain to him that she’s made a wish to get reborn and asked Jellikins to assist her.

Стволы – Без Спроса

– Ichor is reborn into Dolly, with her memories locked by Norbert and the key hidden in her basket. The Deaths keep resetting the timeline until Dolly can achieve her happy ending, each time shifting the starting point one year later to give her another chance. The ending would’ve been achieved if Dolly destroyed her memory key, forever putting a cross on her past.

Земфира – Бесконечность

– While Dolly’s memories are reset in each timeline, Jellikins remembers everything, so that he could gently guide and guard her. However, he misunderstands her wish, assuming what’s best for her, “as usual”.  The Deaths clearly state that Ichor wanted to find a new home, but Jellikins remembers Ichor’s obsession and automatically assumes that she wanted to get to IZ.

Snow Patrol – What If The Storm Ends?

– He recalls Ichor’s roleplaying diary and tries his best to orchestrate everything as it was written there.

– He even cuts some potentially happy timelines short just because they don’t follow Ichor’s ideal plot. That way, Jellikins spends seven timelines (around 20 years in total, while the last timeline takes place 8 years after Ichor’s death) trying to achieve the happy ending, unaware that his inability to try a different approach is what really stands in his way.

Snow Patrol – How To Be Dead

-This endless cycle really does a number on his psyche, and Jellikins turns into a tired bitter man that doesn’t care about anyone anymore. In the last timeline (BBR) he stops trying to interfere too much and just follows Dolly around, only possessing dolls that could be a threat to her.


The scarecrows

– The Recipe serves no real use, since Ferret doesn’t have the main ingredient – the hourglass sand. Ferret tries to steal some of the scarecrow brains to figure out how Bastille breathes life into her dolls. To cover it, she claims she just wants to recycle the scarecrows and put them to a better use. However, Bastille removes their life stones in advance, so Ferret gets to redesign lifeless scarecrows, much to her chagrin.

– During this scheme Shawn’s brain breaks in half. Ferret takes one half with her, and coincidentally, it’s the part that turns the scarecrows into violent zombies, so Shawn ends up somewhere in-between them and Jackie.

– The Witches send the redesigned scarecrows to Pepper’s fields along with other, old scarecrows, but the latter quickly go out of control and burn most of the fields, as well as their new siblings. Shawn, due to his in-between state, is just deemed an odd nuisance, and gets hanged on a pole. Pepper doesn’t particularly care about the entire mayhem.

– Shawn feels like the old scarecrows are technically more skilled, which is why they easily overpowered the new sweet naive dumbasses. Munchkin making fun of his defect doesn’t help either. Shawn feels inadequate and wants his brain back.


Nick’s eternal sleep

– Nick returns home in hiding and finds out that Cedric is slowly dying from intoxication.

– Nick receives Zee’s letters from Ichor and carries those with him since then.

– He still has his organic heart inside his body, but it looks withered up and miserable, and Nick feels like he’s unable to love anyone anymore.

– His depression strikes again, and in another suicide attempt he goes to the forest and falls asleep in a poppy patch. But the poppies’ effect isn’t as strong there as in the Mellow Meadows, so he doesn’t die, just spends several years in slumber and rust.

Jon Brion – Something You Can’t Return To

– Cedric dies from intoxication in loneliness and poverty and tries to keep joking about it until the very end.


Ichor’s death

– Ichor decides it’s time. She sends Zee’s letters back to Zee, unaware that he’s dead at that point.

– She asks the Deaths to grant her a new life, craving for a new home where she’d be happy.

– Her last question is about Bastille’s hourglass that haunted Ferret for so long. Rayne admits it measures Bastille’s own life, and that she will die shortly after Pepper. Concerned Ichor secretly leaves that phrase on one of her Winkies, hoping that Bastille will discover it later.

– Ichor’s body dies in what looks like a suicide. Jellikins mysteriously disappears with her.

Hatsune Miku – Last Night Good Night

– Upon arriving to Ichor’s place, Bastille finds a message on her Winkie that says “when the house falls, Bastille dies”. She doesn’t know how to interpret it as other than some vague threat, and is left with an unsettling feeling that she tries to forget. She doesn’t tell anyone about the message.

– Ichor’s death really affects Ferret, even though she tries to suppress negative emotions as hard as possible. Ferret can’t help blaming herself for being oblivious to Ichor’s depression.


Pepper’s date

– One of Pepper’s sociopathic whims include a dating game, where Pepper chooses a handsome guy and forces him to stay at her castle. If he manages to survive some time without triggering Pepper’s anger, she sends him back with presents and good mental trauma. Bastille doesn’t like it, much like Pepper’s way of ruling in general, but humors her by letting her use the eye to find the victims.

Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me

– Right when Bastille is finally about to stop helping her with that, Pepper picks Nick.

– After all these years, Ferret still unsuccessfully keeps trying to get the Recipe. Since trying to buy it doesn’t help, she finds out who Pepper’s next victim is and visits him. Surprisingly enough, it’s Zee’s friend. Ferret hasn’t kept in contact with Zee and hasn’t paid much attention to Ichor for quite a while, so she isn’t aware of their relationship.

– Ferret offers Nick protection in exchange for learning the Recipe, and lends him Jellikins and the Invisibility Clock. Zee attempts to ask her if Ichor’s mentioned anything about him. Ferret has no idea what he means and says no.

– Nick and Jellikins bicker over Ichor. They go to Pepper’s place and find the Recipe, but Nick notices Bastille’s Golden Top Hat and, while invisible, tries to steal it to save the Apes. However, Bastille’s eye sees through his invisibility, so panicking Nick gouges it out with a fork and escapes. Ferret teleports him back home.

The Birthday Massacre – Blue

– Jellikins relays the Recipe to Ferret and tells her that Nick’s visit cost Bastille her all-seeing eye, so he’s probably deader than ever.

– Nick tries to run away with Zee, but Bastille sends her wolframs after them and treats Pepper with scathing silence.

– Zee falls from the horse and hits his head. The wolframs catch up and tear them apart. Ferret finds them too late and is only able to save some body parts. Since Zee’s brain gets injured, Ferret can’t do anything about his death.

– Ferret uses the stolen Hat to summon the Apes, and later returns the Hat to Bastille to somehow make the situation better.

– Archibald makes a tin body for Nick. Ferret claims she didn’t promise to protect Zee and takes his heart as the payment. Nick can’t believe she’s dismissed Zee’s death this easily.