The Nomes

Colonies of people in the Violet Country who work in the mines and spend most of their time under ground. They’re also fantastic mechanics.

Used to be headed by a king named Roquat. Their current king is Ruggedo.

Until Ruggedo’s reign were known for being rude, mischevious, vengeful and overall pretty unpleasant people. They were mostly tolerated for the resources they’ve provided and their amazing work ethics, but no one really liked them being around. They were often suspected for kidnapping children for slave labor. Ruggedo tries his best to change their ways.




Dolls made by Bastille to aid the Witches in their conquest. Were inspired by the Flux twins.

Their bodies copy the twins: their human behavior, flexibility and acrobatic skills.

The right half of their brains contains affection for fire, strategic thinking and half of their memory.

The left half contains submission to the Witches, silent but violent behavior and another half of the memory. It basically makes them the obedient destructive zombies that they are.

Brainless scarecrows have neither the pyromaniacal tendencies, nor the mindless obedience to the Witches, and show actual individuality and personalities.

They have to be treated with one of Pepper’s potions that helps them last longer; otherwise the materials they’re made of spoil rather quickly.

Important scarecrows: Straw ShawnJackie Pumpkinhead.



All kinds of ragamuffins that inhabit the Foredoomed Forest. Even though they call themselves robbers and most of them are/were criminals, not all of them are bloodthirsty rogues. Some people join them just to go into hiding and start a new life. If they trust you, they’re pretty chill and fun folk.

Some notable robbers include people who used to be in the Motley Horde and Jinjur‘s friends from her all-girl army. Conrad also likes hanging out with them from time to time, pretending to be one of them.

Also see: SharkyLeslieCedric.



Golems made by Bastille using the sand from her hourglass she received from the Deaths. Were created to aid the Witches, were especially useful during their conquest, later mostly serve in their castles instead of living people.

The sand is mixed with Pepper‘s potion using her Recipe. The potion forms into small round stones when left to dry up. Those stones are embedded into the dolls’ bodies and bring them to life.

Bastille also uses a technique shown to her by Koma, which allows her to describe the necessary behavior and orders to the doll on an artificial brain. Bastille usually makes clay/ceramic sculpts that look like brains, but it can be pretty much anything, even a piece of paper.

Dolls also include scarecrowsJellikinsQuadlingMunchkin and Winkies.


The Winged Apes

The Winged Apes in general are the creatures living in the Poppy Meadows. The strong scent of the flowers quickly makes regular humans fall asleep. The Apes are less affected by it, but it makes them lazy, indifferent and happily ignorant.

The robbers and other forest folk also call “The Winged Apes” the five Apes that moved to live next to them:

  • Alvin – a doctor. Constantly grumpy and kinda rude, but knows where to draw the line.
  • Alfred – an artist. Clumsy and forgetful, but is the sweetest grandpa.
  • Allen – a cobbler. A bit vain and pretentious.
  • Amberlynn – a baker. Doesn’t speak much, but is caring and motherly.
  • Archibald – a mechanic. Loud, energetic, very sociable.

They’re NickJinjur and Leslie‘s friends.