Main characters

Leeroy Jellikins


A worm out of smoke. He’s a doll made by Ferret and Bastille to look after Ichor. Inadvertently got dragged into her wish shenanigans.

A huge grump and the voice of reason. Doesn’t really have a sense of humor, too busy being concerned about Ichor. He’s often stubborn, vengeful and thinks he knows what’s best for Ichor without hearing her out propely. Despite everything, he loves her more than anything and is entirely motivated by his desire to help her.

Jellikins’ real body is a pipe that originally belonged to Ichor; that’s where his life stone is. Later the Witches made a couple more: one for Ferret and one for Bastille. Jellikins can teleport from one pipe to another. He can also possess other dolls and small animals, one at a time.

Main characters

Straw Shawn


A half-brained scarecrow, formerly one of Bastille‘s killing machines.

Very easygoing and laid-back. A bit absent-minded, but smart. Stays calm in most situations. Can be straightforward to the point of unintentionally sounding weird or rude, in the “fact over tact” kind of way. Often mixes up words and concepts. His other eye is a button, like zombie!scarecrows’. And much like them, Shawn greatly adores fire.

Main characters



The Wicked Witch of the East, ruler of the Yellow Country, one of the Tower kids, victim of Dolly‘s house.

BastilleFerret and Ichor‘s sister (presumably), Bastille and Ruggedo‘s close friend.

Has a terrible short temper, childish defensive behavior and stalker tendencies. She’s energetic, trigger-happy, sadistic and selfish; the only people she genuinely cares about are Bastille and Ruggedo. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Loves cooking (mostly potions and poisons, though), cute things, pretty dresses (hats!), gossip and pets. Has a giant garden.

Pepper has a spiral mark on her forehead. Sometimes, random weird alien things appear out of it. Bastille speculates it’s some sort of portal from the IZ, as they try to communicate through it.

Her insect is a colorado beetle. Alignment – Chaotic Evil.

Main characters

Ferret Lie


The Good Witch of the West, ruler of the Green Country, one of the Tower kids. A controvercial figure that will grant any wish for a suitable price.

BastillePepper and Ichor‘s sister (presumably), twins‘ mistress, Oscar‘s love interest, Zee‘s fairy godmother.

A great showman, superficial actress and a chronic liar with manic personality. Appears to be sweet, benevolent, overly dramatic and quirky. Most of her dialog is just one big flamboyant act that’s meant to hide her true feelings. She’s so used to hiding those feelings that even she almost forgot what they were. Usually tries to play by her own established rules, but given the opportunity, would gladly use any loopholes.

Ferret has a weird screen that replaces her eyes and can project images. She usually uses it to simply create an illusion of eyes, but it changes to static whenever she’s too emotionally shaken to control it properly. Aside from that, Ferret can also teleport to the familiar places.

Her insect is a butterfly. Alignment – Chaotic Neutral.