Secondary characters



doll made by Bastille. Gladly serves Ferret, was the one to direct Dolly to her.

He’s very dignified and polite, calls himself an exquisite gentleman and speaks in a flowery literary manner. Enjoys telling stories, especially about his mistress. Basically, loves talking. A lot.

Quadling has two faces: a happy and a sad one. To express these two emotions, his body has to switch places through his head, and it’s as disturbing as it sounds. He also often stores all kinds of things in his mouth, and it’s almost as disgusting as it sounds. The screens on his foreheads were inspired by Ferret’s eyes and can display images.

Secondary characters

Zee Ami


Birth name: Zoe Pipt

A former heir to the OZMA (Outer Zone’s Marvelous Archmonarch) title.

A close friend of NickJackie and Cedric. Dated Ichor for a while.

Easily intimidated, socially awkward, but stands up for what he thinks is right. Idealistic, loves to romantisize things he knows nothing about, often crashes against Nick’s pragmatism. Highly educated, but very inexperienced.

Secondary characters



Real name: Alex Stronghold

Another leader of the robbers, a former jail guard, one of the Tower kids.

Jinjur‘s partner, Leslie‘s stepfather, Lexy and Lester‘s father.

Usually has a blank expression and acts aloof, but pays close attention to everything and often leaves random, sarcastic remarks that everyone constantly misunderstands. Due to his animalistic manners and the weird unknown language he speaks, he’s often condescendingly treated like some kind of dog, even though he perfectly understands other people.

Secondary characters

Ruggedo Quareria


The Nome King, one of the Tower kids.

Bastille and Pepper‘s close friend.

Used to be silent, mistrustful and asocial child, shy but easily annoyed, with outbursts of rage. Later opens up to some people and becomes a good public speaker. Is often stubborn and somewhat close-minded, but also noble and very considerate about people who are nice to him. Like Bastille, has strong beliefs and is quite a workaholic.


Secondary characters

Oscar Diggs


Full name: Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs

Ferret‘s love interest, one of the Tower kids. Later gets turned into Godween.

Very likeable and sociable, easily excitable and optimistic, has a little ego streak that doesn’t really get in the way. Is a pretty good actor, and has always dreamed of joining a circus. Really loves books, mostly those about fantastic adventures.

Secondary characters

Lindy & Liddell Flux


Godween‘s assitants, two of the Tower kids.

Ichor and Ferret‘s friends, Bastille’s subjects of curiosity, Nick‘s failed attempt at marriage.

A very weird and cryptic couple. It’s really hard to tell what’s going on in their minds. They’re smart and cunning, and have no problem keeping calm in any situation. Much like Ferret, they prefer to force a smile on their faces even when they don’t feel like it. They’re talentled acrobats.