The living dolls

– Bastille is the first one to make her Death wish, wishing to find out the secret ingredient to creating life. Rayne gives her some hourglass with the sand of life, despite Bella’s visible displeasure.

– Together with Pepper they figure out the Recipe of mixing the sand into a potion to create stones that Bastille sews into her dolls. That finally manages to bring them to life.

– Bastille tries to animate Ichor’s Toothy plush, but it acts like a newborn baby. Bastille figures the dolls need brains, with the orders and behavior written into them.

– When Bastille makes Toothy come to life, Jinjur thinks it’s the deed of some evil spirits and tries to exorcise them. Conrad plays a prank on her in his black dog form, which spooks the beejesus out of Jinjur. She starts researching the legends about Deaths and finds out that they turn into black animals with oddly colored eyes. Since then she’s terrified of those.

– Together with Ruggedo Bastille collects scrap from the Urfin Deuce’s toy factory and makes dolls like Quadling, Munchkin and Winkies.

– Ferret is really eager to learn the Recipe, but even though their relationship is still fairly decent, Bastille knows this much power shouldn’t be given to her. Thus, even Pepper, who’s usually glad to spill any secret, does her best to stay silent.

– Bastille and Ferret collaborate to create Jellikins, who’s supposed to be Ichor’s mentor and help her weak hesitant nature. Indeed, they get very attached to each other.

– Bastille also secretly makes a blimp doll with Ruggedo and decides to try and travel to the IZ. However, Oscar foils her plans by accidentally flying away in it first and disappearing for several years. Ferret is pretty sure he’s dead, and sometimes recalls his existence with a bit of sadness.


Bastille’s injury

Apocalyptica – Ruska

– One day Ichor, unable to properly control her powers, accidentally pushes Bastille off a cliff, breaking her spine.

– She’s so terrified of what she’s done that she just runs away and doesn’t tell anyone about what happened. Bastille’s body is found later by major Marwed. Bastille finally sees Ichor’s character pattern and starts to utterly despise her habit of hiding from her mistakes and dooming others, as it’s the opposite of what Bastille stands for.

– Ruggedo supports Bastille and even considers building some machine to help her walk.

– Pepper, in a truly unusual display of selflessness, uses her Death wish to heal Bastille. The Deaths fix her spine, although Bastille’s body becomes even more fragile.

– Ichor understands Bastille’s hatred, but can’t bring herself to hate her back. She lives with the faint hope of making up with her one day, while not doing anything about it.


The princess

– The royal couple – Dr. Pipt and Rozanne – adopt a baby, name her Zoe and raise her as their heir, on quite harsh terms.

– They hide Zoe from the public, arguing that by tradition common folk aren’t supposed to see the princess until her 16th birthday. They also constantly tell her that her appearance isn’t the prettiest and “will be fixed”.

– Zoe is raised to be a skilled and educated politician, and she quite likes her studies. Going outside doesn’t even seem all that necessary to her. Technically, Cedric (as her future fiance) and Faramant are Zoe’s only friends at that moment.


The preparations

– The Witches start planning their conquest back in the Motley Horde. Ferret, along with Bastille, is the main driving force behind it. She start a business with twins and tries to show herself off in the best light possible.

Kerli – The Creationist

– Bastille and twins devises their plan of actions. The twins ultimately side with the Good Witches. In an attempt to get over them, Bastille makes her scarecrows, using their likeness.

– Cedric is too lazy to participate in the conquest and thinks he already has everything he could ever need. Pepper perfects the body rotting effect of his toxic ingredients.

– Ruggedo finally lives out his imaginary scenario. He finds the leftovers of the Nome colonies and unites them under the claim of avenging their homicide and getting their lands back. Ruggedo quickly wins the Nomes over and is declared the new Nome King.

Dr. Steel – Ode To Revenge

– Ruggedo and Bastille work at the Urfin Deuce’s toy factory and secretly turn those toys into their war tools. The Nomes help build other dolls and dig a tunnel under the royal palace.

Dr. Steel – Back And Forth


Leslie’s birth

– After getting out of the Motley Horder Jinjur gives up on her military training and tries out a million jobs, hating everything and everyone. She forms a concept of women being the superior beings that should be freed from any responsibilities.

Studio Killers – All Men Are Pigs

– She despises men, but also keeps trying to find “a decent guy”. This works out poorly. Jinjur sleeps around a lot and accidentally gets pregnant from some random guy, which surprises and annoys her. She has no intent of conforming to the system and raising a kid, she says.

– As soon as Leslie gets born, Jinjur quickly dumps her on major and scoots away to participate in Ferret’s conquest plans. Major isn’t amused by that.


Oscar’s return

– Oscar suddenly comes back from the IZ, safe and sound. He starts working as a librarian and keeps quiet about everything.

– Ferret demands to know what he’s seen, but he doesn’t seem too eager to share. He claims that the exit there has been blocked, though. Ferret figures she could use the weird things he brought with him in her conquest.

– Oscar’s stories leave huge impact on Ichor. She finally sees other proof that IZ exists, aside from Deaths’ stories, and it reignites her fascination with it. Oscar drops one of the photos, and she secretly keeps it.

– Ferret drags Oscar into her business and makes him drop his library and start doing radio broadcasts. His and Ferret’s affable personalities quickly win people over.

Gotye – Smoke And Mirrors

– They start dating, and Ferret falls in love harder than she’s expected. She promises him the second half of the Red Country, as soon as Jinjur conquers it.

– Jinjur secretly plans to kick him out soon enough and prepares an all-girl army to attack the Palaver Palace. They mockingly make effeminate dress uniforms and use needles and scissors as weapons.

Katy Perry – Roar


The Wicked conquest

– Pepper is the first one to officially start the conquest and takes the Yellow Country by force, utterly devastating the entire land.

– Ichor secretly uses her music to amplify the destruction. She refuses to hurt people, though.

– The guards manage to catch some of Pepper’s trigger-happy scarecrows and send them to Dr. Pipt. He makes Zoe examine them. She finds out that scarecrows without brains are quite nice and harmless, albeit a bit stupid. Zoe is so fascinated by this discovery, she decides to secretly keep one of the scarecrows and calls her Jackie Pumpkinhead.

– Bastille and Ruggedo visit the royal palace. They threaten the same destruction as Pepper, and even take Zoe hostage. The royal couple is forced to hand them the Violet Country, and Bastille gives the Nomes’ lands back to Ruggedo.